Gold Plated, Gold-Filled, and Solid Gold


Unsure what the differences are between gold plated and gold-filled jewelry? We are here to help you understand what you are getting when you buy gold jewelry like we have in our new Golden Hour collection.

Gold Plated jewelry is made by fusing a very thin layer of gold to a base metal such as brass. Over time, the layer of gold will inevitably wear off from exposure to the skin’s natural pH levels, water, sun, chemicals, etc. Nearly all store bought jewelry is gold plated, unless otherwise stated.

Gold-filled jewelry is made by fusing (rather than coating) a thicker layer of gold to a base metal such as brass. It’s a completely different process and requires advanced equipment, and is much more durable gold plated jewelry…hence the difference in price points. Gold-Filled jewelry can withstand more of a wear and tear than gold plated jewelry and if cared for properly can keep shining bright as long as real gold pieces.

Pure gold jewelry is the only true way to have a piece of gold jewelry that will last forever. However, at multiple thousands of dollars per's incredibly expensive and we very rarely work with it. 

If you need to clean your gold filled jewelry, do not scrub or use chemicals. You can clean jewelry by using a clean cloth and patting with mild soapy water.