Custom Designs

Let's make something special together!

How this works: 

  • Choosing your stone(s)
  • The first step in any custom order is picking out your stone(s). If you came here via my Customs section on the Mischief website, you’ve probably already seen the selection of available stones. If not, please head HERE to browse. That is how you will determine the “BASE PRICE” in the formula below. 


    Note: If you don’t see the stone(s) you’re looking for, or you want to do a multi-piece order (such as bolos for your groomsmen), please fill out the form below and I’ll work with you directly to source what you’re looking for.

  • Choosing your design(s)
  • Next we need to figure out what your piece(s) will look like! My menu of designs can be found HERE. Whichever design you choose is how we will determine the “DESIGN PRICE” in the formula above. 

    Note: If your stone will be made into a ring, we need to know your ring size. I recommend either purchasing a sizer HERE or heading into a local jewelry store to get sized. Sizing the ring is one of the last steps, so it is okay to order your stone before you know, but please complete this step as soon as possible so we don’t get held up! 

  • Once you know which stone and design you want, head back to the Customs section on the website and purchase your stone. 

  • Note: If you have a fast approaching deadline, such as a birthday, or you have any questions/concerns about your piece, be sure and reach out via the form below BEFORE ordering. I begin working on customs in the order they come through, so we’ll need to communicate to make sure I can meet your deadline! 



    Production Time: If you are ordering 1 piece, my production time is typically 1-2 weeks. If you are ordering multiple pieces, I will communicate with you directly about production time. Certain factors like having to source stones can sometimes extend my production time by a couple of weeks. 


    Deadline/Due Date: It’s very important that I know about any deadlines or due dates for your piece(s) so that I can make sure and get everything to you on time! 


    Metal Type: 99% of the time, I’m working with sterling silver for custom pieces. I am open to using gold-fill or solid gold, but we will need to agree on a price before I can put those pieces into production, as the price point on those pieces is much much higher. Grab some time on my calendar HERE to discuss. 


    Refunds: I do offer refunds if you purchase a stone from my customs section and we determine that we can’t move forward with the design (ie: I can’t meet your deadline), but once production has begun or any materials are purchased, it is no longer refundable. 


    Still want to chat? Grab a 30 minute call with me at the link below: