Festival Of The Muses

Festival Of The Muses

We've got something exciting up our sleeves! This time it's a music festival focused on the celebration of women and their divine, creative energy. The purpose of this gathering is to honor the Goddess in each of us. To gather and support, empower, and worship the beauty and greatness in each other. Guys, don't worry...you're invited too.

Our lovely friend and muse Mackenzie Page, dreamt up Festival Of The Muses, which will be taking place in September of 2017 at Joyful Journey Hot Springs in southern Colorado. The Mischief Collective will be supporting this festival and as creative collaborators every step of the way. 

Here's a glimpse into what's to come. Official festival announcement is coming soon.

Photography by Tory Pittarelli
Taylor King, Ysabel Blu, Kim Cuvler, Olivia Jane, Kimba Stefane, Gabrielle Joy, Janette Taylor, and Karen Anderson


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