Help Us Stand For Trees!

Help Us Stand For Trees!

In honor of Earth Day on April 22nd, The Mischief Collective has partnered up witStand For Trees to empower everyday citizens – all of us – to take direct action to protect endangered forests and reduce the impacts of climate change.

This week, 25% OF SALES will go towards the Stand For Trees Project of our chosing: The Kariba African Wildlife Corridor Project

How Does This Work: Every $10 donated to Stand For Trees is equal to the purchase of a unique, high-quality, verified carbon credit that protects a specific endangered forest and offsets a tonne of CO2 from entering the earth's atmosphere. The carbon credit protects specific communities, like the Kariba African Wildlife Corridor. 

The funding these communities receive helps local residents pursue sustainable livelihoods that don't rely on the destructive practice of clearing their greatest resource. Communities get stronger.

How Can You Help: This week, when you shop with The Mischief Collective, we will donate 25% of your total sale price to our partners, Stand For Trees. You can shop online, or in person at our Denver Earth Day Social at Sloan's Tap and Burger, Saturday April 22nd, from 4-6 PM.

All week long, we'll be talking about how we can really make a difference, at a time when our Earth needs it the most...right now. 

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