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Ring Sizer


Would it surprise you if we told you that most people have absolutely no idea what sizes their fingers are?

What happens when you see a ring online that you absolutely love, but you have no idea if it will fit or not? Or what happens if you want to buy a ring for a loved one? 

These types of purchases are important, usually sentimental, so you're going to want to get it right the first time! Resizing rings is no easy feat. 

Once you receive your ring sizer in the mail, you will receive a coupon for 20% any custom ring design! 

We recommend writing down all 10 of your sizes on the back of a business card and keeping it in your wallet for reference. If you're the hint dropping could always give your significant other, parents, etc, a copy of your ring sizes so they never have to wonder, and so they still have the option to surprise you!