OJ, Did I find you or you find me?

OJ, Did I find you or you find me?

There's a great deal of magic that happens at the Denver Gem and Mineral Show. When millions of crystals and minerals all make their way to one place, what else would you expect? 

Well, a couple weeks ago when this show finally came to town again (I, like many, wait patiently all year for this weekend), I began my hunt for my year's supply of stones. 

My plan was to show up on Thursday and just explore and plot my purchases. I told myself I wouldn't buy anything on my first visit. How naive! Regardless, I did exercise a fair amount of restraint.

Pretty early on in the hunt, I found a tray filled with cute little Ocean Jasper buddies. I fell in love immediately, but knew I needed to wait until Sunday to buy them. I told myself if they were still there, I'd take them all home with me. After a few more hours fighting the internal battle it took to keep my wallet in my purse, I left without the 'OJ'.  

Days passed, and I couldn't stop thinking about them.

You see...Ocean Jasper is a very rare, very spiritual stone. It is said by some to hold mystic knowledge within its very structure. Until recently this gorgeous stone could only be found off the coast of Madagascar. But now, unfortunately, it has been mined out. This stone will only continue to become more rare and more collectable as time goes on.

So, perhaps now you'll understand why I went straight for the area of the gem show where I had once seen the tray Ocean Jasper for sale. It was Sunday, and the pressure was on. I only had a few hours to do all my stone shopping FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR. Anyway, I was heartbroken when I couldn't find the tray. I was sure someone else had swiped it.

Not so fast! About an hour into my search, that very Ocean Jasper tray found me again. It had been placed in an entirely different section of this massive, massive arena of stones, under a few stacks of trays filled with other stones. I almost cried when I found it, not joking. It was like finding a needle in a haystack.

So, here we are...!


I'm offering these cuties up for custom orders, four at a time. Here are the first four I've chosen:

First -- I'm offering my first round of Ocean Jasper rings, the sizes of which I randomly chose, but made with the intention of showcasing the four different styles for these customs. You can shop those rings in our RINGS SECTION.

So how it works is...if one of the four stones speaks to you, purchase it, and decide which size you'd like it to be made into, and which style. 

Here are the four styles (from left to right)
1. Spiked bezel
2. Smooth bezel
3. Scalloped bezel
4. Crown bezel 

I will then turn the stone you chose into a gorgeous custom ring, made to order, just for you. And I hope the Ocean Jasper will bring you as much happiness into your life as it already has to mine.


Stones Available for Custom Designs:

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