Every Day is Earth Day

Every Day is Earth Day

Don't you think we should care for our planet every single day? What good is 1/365? That's .2%, not even half of 1%.

We made a commitment to the Kariba African Wildlife Corridor, a Stand For Trees project, and we intent to stand by it. 

From now until, well...forever, if you purchase a $10 Stand For Trees Certificate, we will send you a handmade recycled metals necklace. All you have to do is fill out the survey at the bottom of this page with a screenshot proving your purchase, give us your address, and we'll send you your gift! 

How Does A Stand For Trees Certificate Work?

1. You buy a Stand For Trees Certificate — a unique, high-quality, verified carbon credit that protects a specific endangered forest and offsets a tonne of CO2 from entering the earth's atmosphere. Because of your purchase, forests are left standing to do what they do best — store carbon, produce oxygen, provide habitat, and support local communities.

The term 'tonne' refers to a metric tonne of carbon dioxide (CO2). By protecting forests, we are preventing millions of tonnes of CO2 from entering our atmosphere. For instance, one single mature tree in the Congo rainforest would emit as much as 18 tonnes of CO2 if it is cut down*. Compare some common everyday activities and the rough equivalent of their correlating CO2 emissions below**:

2. Stand For Trees & Code REDD+ uses this money to make the trees more valuable alive than dead - The fact is, when we stand together and purchase these unique carbon credits (or should we say 'community credits'), we shift the economics so that the trees are worth more alive than dead. And we help communities protect their forests for the long-term benefit for the many versus the short-term depletion by the few.

The funding these communities receive helps local residents pursue sustainable livelihoods that don't rely on the destructive practice of clearing their greatest resource. Communities get stronger. Vital habitats – many of them home to endangered species – are safeguarded. And fresh air is generated for all living things on the planet. Not a small thing.

All it takes is someone like you, someone like all of us combined to stand together to protect these communities. We can do it, and we can do it any time we want to. 

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