Carbon Offsetting with Natural Capitalism Solutions

Carbon Offsetting with Natural Capitalism Solutions

By now you’ve heard us hyping up our upcoming Colorado Carbon Fundraiser, benefiting Natural Capitalism Solutions. We’re so excited about this event because NCS is making huge strides to help Coloradans do right by the environment, by creating practical tools and implementation strategies via NCS and the Colorado Carbon Fund. Here are the lovely faces behind the hard work of NCS!

One of the coolest things we’re offering at this event is a way to offset your carbon output for a year. That’s right, a one-and-done deal where you can offset some of that awful carbon thing we’re always putting out into the atmosphere. You know the one, responsible for the icecaps melting, and the smog that prevents you from seeing the city skyline in beautiful cities like LA and Beijing.

A carbon offset is a reduction or sequestration of emissions of carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases made in order to compensate for or to offset an emission made elsewhere. This results in net-zero carbon emissions for the purchaser of the offset. While offsets do not solve the issues of climate change, they allow you to make a real reduction in your footprint and become part of the solution.

By purchasing an annual carbon offset for your car, you not only get a sweet license plate that tells everyone about it, but you can feel good knowing you did your part to counteract the emissions from your car. Caring about the climate is something worth advertising, that's for sure! 

Every drive you make to catch a powder day, or down to the San Juans to finally check out Durango, you’ll know that you made a decision that will help protect Colorado’s natural beauty for years to come.

The Colorado Carbon Fund helps individuals, communities, and organizations measure, reduce, and offset their carbon emissions. The CCF is the first and only such voluntary statewide program in the U.S., focusing its support on greenhouse gas reduction projects in Colorado that produce permanent, verifiable carbon offsets and/or climate and community benefit projects.

Be a part of the movement by offsetting your license plate, and encouraging others to do the same. By coming together, we can hold ourselves accountable to moving the needle on this critical issue.

Join us!

Venue: Battery 621
Date & Time: July 26, 6:30-9PM, VIP After Party 9-10
>>> General Admission: $40 (includes alcohol and a carbon offset of your transportation to and from the event)
>>> VIP: $80 (all General Admission amenities PLUS a special after party meet & greet with the artists) 
>>> Eventbrite Ticket Link <<< 


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